Waterloo House, Denholme 3827

Bradford, England, West Yorkshire

Brief Description

Remains of walled garden; the house itself was demolished in the 1950's.

Detailed Description

The walled garden remains. The edged tarmac paths, central island and drains are extant, but the walls are damaged. All of the southern wall has fallen down through neglect. Part of the eastern wall has also fallen due to the theft of stone copings and a tree falling into the wall.

The original potting shed walls remain. The holes for the old stove pipe air intake and flue pipe are visible in the western wall. There are also two cast iron covers inscribed with E.F. 1868. This is presumed to be part of a watering system.


Plant Environment

  • Environment
  • Walled Garden
Garden Wall, Potting Shed

Detailed History

Waterloo House, also known as Waterloo Towers, was demolished in the 1950s.


  • James Patchett