Sudbourne Park 5198

Orford, England, Suffolk, Suffolk Coastal

Brief Description

The walled garden composes of effectively 3 walled areas, only one is walled today and it is the smallest at just over one hectare, but was the site for the most sophisticated glasshouse complex.


The original house, before 1670, was rebuilt by Wyatt in 1780. Became the largest sporting residence in Suffolk. In heyday of walled garden it was owned by industrialist Kenneth Clarke (father of eponymus art historian) Declined rapidly after 1918 and was demolished in 1953

Access & Directions


From Tunstall Forest take road to Orford, at first cross roads turn right and then immmediately left. Follow drive past site of house and stables (now restored as houses) follow wall of garden on LH and turn left into Bothy Yard


  • Victorian (1837-1901)