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Abbey House and Gardens


The gardens have over 1000 years of history, knot gardens, herb gardens, river walk, monastic fish ponds, waterfall, over 2,000 different roses (largest collection in the UK), over 100,000 tulips, 10,000 different plants with constant colour from March to November.

The renovation of the gardens looks to improve and nurture the River Garden, Parterre Garden, and Kitchen Garden.

Visitor Access, Directions & Contacts



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Open on the second Saturday of every month

10:00am - 4:00pm May to October


Monks working at Malmesbury Abbey would have lived at Abbey House. The first 'King of all England' was buried in Malmesbury Abbey in 939 AD. His remains were said to have been lost during the reformation and are rumoured to be located in the Abbey House Gardens.

In 1994, Ian & Barbara Pollard, who previously owned Hazelbury Manor in Wiltshire, bought Abbey House and transformed it into a house with extensive gardens. The gardens were opened to the public in 1996.

The House and Gardens are open to the public (2022).

Features & Designations



    • Knot Garden
    • Herb garden
    • Riverside Walk
    • Fishpond
    • Description: Monastic Fish ponds
    • Waterfall
    • Rose Garden
    Key Information

    Open to the public