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Salomon De Caus (also known as Salomon De Caux, Salomon de Caus, Salomon De Caux, Salomon de Caus)

Salomon de Caus (Caux) was a French garden designer, architect and hydraulic engineer active in the late-16th and early-17th centuries.

He was born around 1576 in the pays de Caux in Normandy, probably in Dieppe, France. He was a relative, possibly the uncle, of engineer, Isaac de Caus [Caux] (born between 1589 and 1590, died 1648).

De Caus (Caux) died in Paris, France where he was living at the time with his wife in the rue Poitou. He was buried on 28 February 1626 at the protestant cemetery there, La Trinité.


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