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Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan married Frances Davenport, the Warlies Heiress, and in 1720 was admitted to Warlies in his own name. He came of a Gloucestershire land-owning family and during his 20 years at Warlies added 110 acres to the 180 inherited by his wife. He left his own native mark in his landscaping of the Warlies estate. A relative, Richard Graves, recollected that Richard Morgan, from hints he had borrowed from Mr Southcote and William Shenstone, began to model Warlies in the 'present style'; he contrived to give his place a park-like appearance and made it an elegant villa. The Gloucestershire Morgans were related to the Graves family at Mickleton and Richard Graves was the friend of William Shenstone (1714-1763), the poet and landscape gardener.

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