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Lewis Cubitt

Lewis Cubitt was an architect active, particularly in London, England in the 19th century.

He was born on 29 September 1799, the youngest son of Jonathan Cubitt (born 1760, died 1807) a Norfolk carpenter. Cubitt was the youngest brother of builder, Thomas Cubitt (born 1788, died 1855) to whom he was apprenticed in 1815 and with whom, by 1824, he worked in partnership along with his other brother, William Cubitt (born 1791, died 1863). On 23 January 1830 Cubitt married Sophia Kendall (born 1811, died 1879 ) with whom he had four children. By the 1840s he specialized mainly in railway architecture.

Lewis Cubitt died at his home, 5 Lewes Crescent, in Brighton, Sussex, England on 9 June 1883.


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