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Dr John Beale

Who was John Beale?

The Reverend Dr John Beale, rector of Yeovil, Somerset, England was a writer on gardening and rural affairs. He was based in Hertfordshire, England, and was active in the 17th century.

Life & Work

He was the owner of an estate at Backbury, Herefordshire and wasa noted correspondent of Samuel Hartlib, John Buckland and John Evelyn.

In 1657 Beale pennedHerefordshire Orchards, a book based on two letters to Hartlib.

In 1663 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. It is thought that John Evelyn's"No Phantasticall Utopia, but a Reall Place", chosen as the site of his Elysium Britannicum, may have been Old Sufton Court, Mordiford, Hereford, on which subject Beale and Evelyn corresponded.


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