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Mr Henry Martineau Fletcher

Who was Henry Martineau Fletcher?

Henry Martineau Fletcher was an architect active in the early-20th century. He was born in 1870 in Paddington, London, and educated at Marlborough College and Trinity College, Cambridge.

Life and Work

From 1892 to 1896 Fletcher was articled to Sir Mervyn Edmund Macartney. Later, in 1897, he started his own architectural practice in London.

Fletcher was President of the Architectural Association from 1918 to 1919. He was also a member of the Art Workers Guild from 1901 and Master of the AWG in 1930. He designed Cecil Sharp House which was built in 1929 and was planned as the headquarters for the English Folk Dance Society, and is named after its founder and former Organising Director Cecil Sharp (1859–1924).

He died on 7 August 1953.


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