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Mr Francis Kilvert

The Reverend Francis Kilvert was an English clergyman, diarist, and naturalist, celebrated for his detailed and vivid diaries capturing the rural life of Victorian England. Born on December 3, 1840, in Hardenhuish, Wiltshire, Kilvert was the son of a country gentleman and was raised in an environment that fostered his love for nature and literature.

After receiving his education at Wadham College, Oxford, Kilvert was ordained as a deacon in 1863 and as a priest in 1864. He served as a curate in numerous parishes across England, including Clyro in Radnorshire, Wales, where he spent a significant portion of his life.

Kilvert's true legacy lies in the meticulously detailed diaries he maintained from 1870 to 1879. His journals offer an intimate and captivating portrayal of rural life, documenting the daily occurrences, social customs, natural beauty, and the people he encountered. His observations cover a wide array of subjects, from the lives of the rural poor to the customs of the gentry, all written with eloquence and a keen eye for detail.

These diaries, initially intended for personal use, were discovered and published posthumously, offering a remarkable insight into Victorian society. They provide a vivid depiction of the countryside, its inhabitants, and the cultural norms of the era.

Kilvert was not only a chronicler of rural life but also a passionate naturalist. His entries frequently detailed his observations of flora and fauna, weather patterns, and the changing seasons, reflecting his deep appreciation for the natural world.

Tragically, Kilvert's life was cut short when he succumbed to peritonitis at the age of 38, on September 23, 1879, in Bournemouth, England. His diaries, spanning nearly a decade, were edited and published by William Plomer in three volumes: "The Diary of Francis Kilvert" (1938-1940). These volumes brought Kilvert's remarkable observations to a wider audience, earning him posthumous acclaim as a sensitive chronicler of his time.

Kilvert's legacy endures through his diaries, which continue to captivate readers and scholars, offering a unique window into the Victorian era's rural life, customs, and natural world.


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