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Euan Hillhouse Methven Cox

Euan Cox was born in Perth in 1893. He was educated at Rugby School and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. After World War 1 he met Reginald Farrer and went with him to Upper Burma on a plant collecting expedition. Several new introductions were made to Britain as a result, including Juniperus recurva var. Coxii. During the 1920s, Cox ran a specialist horticultural bookshop in London, but this was bombed during World War 2.

In 1943, Cox and his family moved to Glendoick House near Perth. The house had been owned by his parents since 1897 and Cox had been developing the gardens since 1921. The gardens had been neglected during World War 2, and Cox set about restoring them in the late-1940s. A rhododendron nursery was started on the site, and was run by Euan Cox in collaboration with his son, Peter.

In 1954, Cox was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Victoria medal of honour. In 1970 he gained the Veitch memorial medal. He died on March 26, 1977 at Glendoick.

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