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Mr Charles Craigie-Halkett (also known as Charles Craigie-Halkett-Inglis,, Charles Craigie-Halkett-Inglis,)

Charles Craigie-Halkett (later known as Craigie-Halkett-Inglis) inherited Cramond House near Edinburgh in 1849, when he added the 'Inglis' to his surname. C C H Inglis of Cramond is recorded as being a subscriber to the Oregon Botanical Association c1853 (Edinburgh Council's survey of Cramond 2008).

Designs include:

Carlton Towers, Yorkshire

Balfour Castle, Orkneys

The Balfour Castle grounds were remodelled by David Bryce in association with the garden designer Craigie Inglis Halkett of Cramond (Edinburgh), whose best known work is the garden of St. Martin's Abbey near Perth, undertaken in 1855. Halkett's precise role is unknown although a letter from Bryce to David Balfour in 1847, clearly suggests that Bryce designed the architectural elements of the terraced gardens, leaving the layout of flower beds to be determined separately. The Halkett family was acquainted with a branch of the Balfour family based in Perth, and this connection may have led to Craigie Inglis' commission. (P&G entry).

Craigie Halkett's involvement in Balfour Castle is surely confirmed by John Gifford's account of the property in The Buildings of Scotland : Highlands and Islands (1992), in which he notes that the "...terraced garden to the west and south of the house [was] laid out by Craigie Halkett c.1850. Projecting from the south ha-ha wall are low parapeted bastions." (Info from Christopher Dingwall)

St Martins Abbey

5 miles NNE of Perth, is the seat of the chief proprietor, William Macdonald Macdonald, Esq. (b. 1822; suc. his cousin, 1841), the only son of Gen. Farquharson, who holds 22,600 acres in Perthshire and 2801 in Forfarshire, valued at £9192 and £5617 per annum, and who claims the chieftainship of the Colquhouns. The estate, originally called the Kirklands, was purchased by Wm. Macdonald, W.S., of Ranachan (1732-1814), a founder of the Highland and Agricultural Society; and by him the mansion was erected towards the close of last century. A massive and commodious building, it has been greatly enlarged and adorned by the present proprietor; and its beautiful grounds and policies were planned and laid out about 1858 by Mr Craiggie-Halket, the celebrated landscape gardener. http://www.scottish-places.inf...

There is a fairly detailed description of the grounds at St. Martins in Perthshire in Thomas Hunter's Woods, Forests and Estates of Perthshire (1883), which states the "...the policies and grounds were planned and laid out 25 years ago by Mr. Craiggie-Halket of Cramond, a famous landscape gardener." - see pp. 520-526. On this occasion, he seems to have worked in partnership with David Bryce, who was working on the aggrandisement of the mansion house c.1860-1861, as noted by John Gifford in The Buildings of Scotland : Perth & Kinross (2007). (Info from Christopher Dingwall)

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