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Mr Andrew Heiton, Senior (also known as Andrew, senior Heiton, Andrew, senior Heiton)

Andrew Heiton Sr. was a prominent Scottish architect renowned for his contributions to 19th-century architecture, particularly in the Perth and Dundee regions. Born in 1817, he was part of the esteemed Heiton family of architects. Andrew Sr. made a significant impact on the architectural landscape of Scotland during his lifetime.

Heiton's architectural journey began under the guidance of his father, William Heiton Sr., who was also an architect. He honed his skills working in his father's firm before establishing his own practice, Andrew Heiton & Son, alongside his son, Andrew Heiton Jr., in the mid-19th century.

One of his notable projects includes the design and construction of St. Matthew's Church in Perth, a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture that stands as a testament to his architectural prowess. His designs often reflected the prevailing architectural styles of the time, incorporating intricate details and a sense of grandeur.

His architectural legacy extended beyond ecclesiastical buildings to encompass a range of structures, including residential buildings and commercial spaces. He had a keen eye for detail and was known for his ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating buildings that were not just structurally sound but also visually striking.

Andrew Heiton Sr. was active during a period of rapid urbanization and industrialization, and his architectural contributions played a significant role in shaping the evolving urban landscapes of Perth and Dundee. His works contributed to the rich architectural heritage of Scotland, leaving an indelible mark on the built environment.


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