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The Quiet Garden Trust

The Quiet Garden Trust

The Quiet Garden Movement encourages the provision of a variety of local venues where there is an opportunity to set aside time to rest and to pray.These may be:in private homes and gardens which are open for occasional days of stillness and reflection. For those who visit these become oases, places of withdrawal and meeting, of spiritual refreshment and retreat centres or local churches which offer within their premises an area of beauty and peacefulness dedicated to quiet prayer and inner city areas which seek to create places of stillness and beauty amidst the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes in apparently unpromising surroundings. These can become a focus for the local prisons which can provide a tranquil, green space for both staff and prisonersMost Quiet Gardens are affiliated to The Quiet Garden Trust; each is encouraged to organise its own programme and to respond to local needs. There are opportunities for contact and help from other Quiet Gardens and from the Trust staff at the centre. 1


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The Quiet Garden Trust Kerridge House
42 Woodside Close Amersham

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