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War Memorial Park, Stourport (also known as Moor Hall)


Moor Hall was a 19th-century country house and associated park. A portion of the land was given to Stourport in 1924 to form Memorial Park. The house has been demolished.


The park is generally flat with approximately one third of its area lightly wooded and rising steeply to the north-west.
The park has tennis courts, a children's playground and picnic areas. It also has a Community Centre and public facilities and a small Venture Scouts headquarters. It provides general recreational and junior football training and match spaces. The park is generally flat with approximately one third of its area lightly wooded and rising steeply to the north-east.

The Town Council, supported by the recently formed "The Friends of Stourport War Memorial Park", are currently attempting to obtain funding to restore some of the original features of the park including the refurbishment of the Victorian bandstand, and to add features to enhance the park's use for exercise and fitness.

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Stourport Memorial Park is a public park.


On the north-western outskirts of Stourport.


Stourport on Severn is a predominantly Georgian town, which came from the hamlet of Lower Mitton to be a thriving and important inland port at the height of the era of canal transport.

Local information indicates that the land that now forms Stourport War Memorial Park was part of the estate of Lickhill Manor, which was noted as an important and influential estate in 1429. In 1616 the estate was broken up. The then owner Sir William Lygon sold off parcels of land and buildings in a spirit of egalitarianism.

Part of the extensive land stretching between Lickhill Manor and the estate of Mitton over to the east side of the River Severn later became Moor Hall estate, an area of 105 acres. Jonathan Worthington (a wharfinger, and a man whose wealth came from canal transport) built Moor Hall. It was notable for its mention in Nicholson's Cambrian Traveller Guide of 1813. In 1844 Jonathan Worthington junior gave up the estate and Moor Hall which was acquired by J A Taylor, a local farmer and Deputy Lieutenant of Worcestershire. There was a further owner, Rev. C T Farley, before it came into the ownership of John Brinton, Member of Parliament and the famous carpet manufacturer.

As part of John Brinton's development of Moor Hall and the estate he purchased some fields to form an estate park. The townsfolk were allowed to use this park, which became known as Moor Hall and was favoured for socialising and town events. During World War 1 the Hall was used as a convalescence home for officers and the park was used as a training ground for new recruits. After the war Moor Hall and estate fell in to disrepair and the then owner, Mr. T H Charles, sold the Moor Hall park to the town.

In 1922 Stourport Urban District Council purchased 28 acres (11.3 hectares) for £2000. The park was not part of the land transfer in the 1974 Local Authority reorganisation and remains in the ownership of Stourport on Severn Town Council who are the sole Park Trustees. The park was dedicated to the 113 of the 200 men from the area that fell in World War 1 and became known as Stourport War Memorial Park. The park had a bandstand purchased for it for £30 by Rev. Gibbson. The refurbishment of this bandstand is part of the current aims of the development of the park. The park was used as a base for Stourport Cricket Club between 1925 and the mid 1980s. The entrance feature of the park is the War Memorial Gates, which have been refurbished in recent years. During World War 2 these gates were wanted by the War Office for use as munitions. This was successfully resisted by the Council on the grounds that they are a memorial to the fallen of World War 1.

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