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Auden Farm

Aulden Farm is part of a very small hamlet and at the end of the 19th Century, it was then known as Aulden House, with an acre of ground. It was owned by a Mr. Griffiths who earned his living as a builder and wheelwright. The original part of the property dates to the mid-17th Century and was a Moravian meeting house in the mid-19th Century before the modern brick extension was added about 1890. We purchased the property in 1996 with the dream of developing a garden on the then 3 bare acres surrounding the farmhouse. Of course. we should have thought about the state of the house but that seemed secondary to the garden. To say it was damp would be kind as I did spend quite some time weeding inside especially above the cellar. We had been told that this had been dry in living memory but we shone a torch and could see frogs swimming - some memory! Still, we were not too dispirited and gradually over time got round to the house but always thinking about the garden and plants first - who would expect otherwise from two keen Hardy Planters, besides our living was to be made from selling plants. A plan for the garden was drawn and as visitors will know, our dream became reality and the garden is now home to a wide variety of plants, wild and cultivated, not forgetting the wildlife which may not be obvious, but is ever present.
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National Garden Scheme Dates for 2023:

Sat 29th & 30th April, Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd September

For Aulden Arts & Gardens (opening with our neighbours), 17th & 18th June

Individual appointments at other times to visit the garden are also possible in aid of the NGS.


The hamlet of Aulden is situated about 3 miles south of Leominster.

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