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Garden Transmissions Book

Book Review - 'Garden Transmissions - Word, Image, Experience, Future'

Garden Transmissions

Word, Image, Experience, Future

Edited by Christina Castel-Branco

Book review by Fiona Baker - Archive Data Manager - Parks & Gardens UK

This book examines the ways in which the exchange of garden forms, designs, technologies, and styles created a continuum of knowledge transfer, resulting in the creation of a global garden culture as a mode of mediation between humans and nature.

This is a fascinating book from start to finish. The book provides almost all of the presentations from the Conference on Garden Transmissions. This enables the reader to see and feel the depth of research, enquiry and passion for the way that the conservation and management of garden expertise, design ideas and techniques have been shared and ‘Transmitted’ through history; and perhaps a glimpse of the future.

The reader is taken on a journey looking into how the global gardens of the past and present will influence the gardens and garden creators of the future. The content of the presentations highlight that the need to manage, maintain and conserve our gardens and designed landscapes is vital, as is the transfer of techniques, knowledge and expertise to ensure their survival. In our current time and with the evolution of our environment and climate, the need for the transfer of skills and expertise to ensure the future of gardens is paramount. Adopting both historical and new techniques to cultivate the gardens of the future and their place in humanities long-term survival will be a challenge.

A compelling aspect of this book is the inclusion of the ‘Anthropocene – Gardening in the critical zone’ presentation and its exploration of the work happening in the permafrost zone. It is both interesting and inspiring to learn that these projects are happening, not because of large corporations but individuals with a deep regard for the planet and the eco-system.

The book also provides a curated collection of images, which offers a captivating odyssey through the diverse gardens and crafted landscapes worldwide. These visuals serve as a profound testament to the influential role these spaces play in shaping and enriching our lives.

Gardens are an outlet for many and can be sanctuaries that nurture our mental and physical well-being. The transfer of techniques and ideas holds immeasurable value, fortifying our comprehension of the profound benefits gardens offer humanity. Yet, amid this exchange, preserving the original source and expertise becomes imperative. Retaining sight of the origins of creativity is crucial in the transmission or adoption of diverse techniques. This awareness safeguards against the loss or omission of foundational wisdom, ensuring a respectful acknowledgment of the origins while advancing our understanding of garden enrichment.

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Garden Transmissions - Word, Image, Experience, Future