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New data entry tools for volunteers

New data entry tools for volunteers

Help notes and additional resource tools are now available for volunteers doing data entry. You can find them in the Downloads area of Research & Record on the website.

Data entry user notes and tips: Many of those who have had recent data entry training days have received this document in hard copy. If you received it at a training day more than three months ago, we suggest you download the version available and replace your copy with it as it has been recently updated. The user notes were compiled by the Hampshire Gardens Trust. They are intended to give guidance on creating a basic level record and include a list of the mandatory fields for entry.

Research/recording form correlated to data entry screen: Thanks to the Leicestershire & Rutland Gardens Trust, this version of the recording form allows volunteers to first organise their research into a format which coincides with the flow of the data entry screens. This method of organising your research first will greatly speed up the data entry process. Once you have put your research into this form on your computer, you can copy and paste from the Word document directly into the data entry screens.

A-Z Thesaurus: This is a complete A-Z version of the Thesaurus which feeds the Key Fields in the data entry. It includes a reference next to each term in [ ] which identifies the Key Field category each term belongs to. This version of the Thesaurus is intended to help volunteers while doing research in the field as well as data entry at home.