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New! Capability Brown in Kent

New! Capability Brown in Kent

Published by Kent Gardens Trust, KGT bookMay 2016, 116 pages, paperback, fully illustrated, £9.50, ISBN 978-0-9934044-0-5

Commemorating the 300th anniversary of Capability Brown’s birth, this booktells the story of the great 18th-century landscape gardener’s commissions in Kent. The authors demonstrate clearly how a detailed look at what he achieved in Kent provides valuable insights into his remarkable output throughout the country. The book describes the social context of the time, and shows how Brown was adept at moving amongst the political, business and mercantile landowning classes. This allowed him to apply, during a period of little more than 35 years, his genius as a landscape gardener, and his business acumen, to create five harmonious landscapes in Kent and over 200 throughout England. This book will interest gardeners; anyone with an interest in our landscape, its history (especially in Kent), and the work of one of our greatest and most influential designers of landscape.

“Let us applaud Kent Gardens Trust researchers who have pieced together remnant evidence to re-evaluate his major contribution to the liberating design story of the English landscape in Kent.” Steffie Shields

“The details that emerge about the five commissions that he undertook in the county present a thought-provoking microcosm of his enormous oeuvre and illustrate themes that resonate through his career.” George Plumptre

Published in the year of Capability Brown’s tercentenary, this book will benefit from a range of national publicity activities, including those organised through the CB300 Festival. Additionally, there will be reviews in national, regional and local media; targeted mailings to Kent based organisations; as well as events organised by the Kent Gardens Trust.

The book is available via our distributor, York Publishing Services, but also directly from Kent Gardens Trust – contact Paul Howarth tel: 01732 465215