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Jubilee-ation! A History of Royal Jubilees in Public Parks

Jubilee-ation! A History of Royal Jubilees in Public Parks

Royal jubilees have often been commemorated through our parks and gardens, statues and gates, tree planting and patriotic flower displays.

England's public parks and gardens have played a central role in the celebration and the commemoration of royal jubilees for more than two hundred years. The roll call of jubilee gardens, coronation parks, queen's parks and parks named after princes and princesses reflect these special associations from the Victorian era to modern times.

On the 4th June 2012, The Queen will light the first jubilee beacon in Wolverhampton's West Park, a grade II registered park dating from 1881.

To mark this significant event, English Heritage has produced 'Jubilee-ation!' a new publication that traces the history of Royal Jubilees in public parks from Victorian times up to the 21st-century.

This brief history has been commissioned as a contribution to Her Majesty the Queen's own Diamond Jubilee celebrations and we hope it stimulates a new appreciation of the very special contribution local parks make to the life of our towns and cities.

Please click here to download a PDF of the publication.