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Heritage Update 300

Heritage Update 300

The Heritage Alliance's fortnightly e-bulletin, Heritage Update, has reached its 300th edition!

First launched in February 2002, Heritage Update has for the past 13 years covered the latest developments in the heritage world, including reporting on Heritage Alliance members news, government policy, consultation opportunities, planning, rural, culture, and funding news, events, alongside both paid and un-paid vacancies.

The Bulletin is currently read by an estimated 13,500-14,000 individuals every fortnight throughout the UK - growing at an average rate of 25 new subscribers every week. Heritage Update also draws in a significant number of readers from across the European Union, USA, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Turkey and Tanzania.

Loyd Grossman, Chairman of The Heritage Alliance, said:

"Heritage Update is essential, enthralling and entertaining. It not only brings us all up to date, but reminds us that we are part of a vibrant and important community. The vitality, power and diversity of heritage are reported and celebrated in every issue: the heritage movement just couldn’t do without it."

Deborah Lamb, Director of National Advice and Information at Historic England, said:

"Update is the must-read newsletter for the heritage sector. Timely and informative – what more could you want?"

The Heritage Alliance would like to thank you for continuing to read and support Heritage Update, and asks that you keep sending your latest news/jobs/events which makes the Bulletin such a success! We are also grateful to Country Houses Foundation for its sponsorship to improve the presentation, and to members for forwarding their images to illustrate their work.

If you have not yet signed-up to receive Heritage Update directly then click here. If you would like to read back issues of Heritage Update from 2002-15 please visit our website here. We are now working on making this vast resource searchable.