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Digswell Exhibition

Digswell Exhibition

Exhibition at The New Maynard Gallery in Welwyn Garden City about the change from Capability Brown’s landscape at Digswell through to Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City and what can still be detected of the original design.

The Hertfordshire Gardens Trust kindly provided digitised copies of the exhibition panels so that it can be enjoyed by more than those able to go in person. See below:

1-Digswell Exhibition: Overview

2-Digswell Exhibition: Digswell Early Poster

3-Digswell Exhibition: Capability Brown

4-Digswell Exhibition: Brownian Landscape

5-Digswell Exhibition: Digswell Regency

6-Digswell Exhibition: Water

7-Digswell Exhibition: Coming of the railways

8-Digswell Exhibition: Digswell House Gardens

9-Digswell Exhibition: Panshanger Sale

10-Digswell Exhibition: The Garden City

11-Digswell Exhibition: Woods

12-Digswell Exhibition: The New Towns

13-Digswell Exhibition: New Town 2

14-Digswell Exhibition: Welwyn Garden City New Town