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3) Resources: derelict features in the park

3) Resources: derelict features in the park

Derelict features in the park


Derelict bandstand illustration

The bandstand is structurally sound, but its roof leaks badly. Most of the paintwork on the metalwork has peeled off and the wrought iron is beginning to rust. The concrete base and surrounding area is severely cracked and needs resurfacing.

Estimated cost to repair bandstand: £20,000.

Estimated cost to replace ground surface: £10,000 - £50,000 depending upon material used.

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Boating lake with island illustration

The drainage outlet is blocked, resulting in stagnant water and algae. The lake is now choked with invasive plants in which debris has been dumped. The island is overgrown with weeds and the small pier is rotten and unusable.

Estimated cost to drain, repair and refill the lake: £150,000.

Estimated cost to reinstate the pier: £20,000.

Estimated cost to clear and replant the island: £10,000.

Purchase of rowing boats and canoes: £6,000.

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Burnt out cafe illustration

A recent arson attempt has left the café severely damaged. Its interior is burnt out and the services (water and electricity) need upgrading. The building is an original park building, dating from the 1860s. The only form of refreshment is an ice cream van, which occasionally parks outside the park.

Estimated cost: to repair the building: £60,000.

Estimated cost to refit interior: £15,000.

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Pavilion and tennis courts illustration

Although boarded up, the building is structurally sound and has two large rooms. It suffers from internal damp. Most internal fittings and fixtures are unusable, with many surfaces covered in graffiti. There is no heating system, and access is via steps. The toilets are severely damaged.

Estimated cost to upgrade the building: £200,000.

Repair of tennis courts: £20,000.

Restore bowling green: £20,000.

Estimated annual cost of energy bills: £2,000.

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Illustration of derelict playground

The play features are old. Many are broken or have been partially removed as they are now unsafe. All are sited on a hard surface. Few parents with young children ever use this area of the park now, which is often frequented by groups of local teenagers behaving anti-socially. Local residents have lobbied for new and more stimulating play equipment, ideally in two adjacent areas - one for toddlers and another for older children.

Estimated cost: £40,000 - £100,000 depending upon amount of equipment, ground surface materials and enclosing fences.

Estimated cost of seating and picnic benches: £4,000.

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Disused glasshouse illustration

This small heated glasshouse, which once housed exotic plants and butterflies, was one of the main attractions of the park. It remained in use until the early 1960s, when the number of park staff was reduced and the plants and butterflies were removed to save running costs.

When it first opened there was an admission charge of a penny. Just before it closed, admission was by voluntary donation box since it was no longer commercially viable to pay the salary of a keeper.

Since then, the glasshouse has been used occasionally to stage exhibitions or craft fairs, but increasing maintenance costs led to its closure a few years ago. Hundreds of panes of glass are broken and the metalwork is rusting. Water penetration and frost damage has affected interior flooring.

Estimated cost for repairing the structure: £150,000.

Estimated cost for reinstating the heating system: £45,000.

Estimated cost to lay a fixed floor: £10,000.

Estimated cost to reintroduce plants and pathways: £20,000 - £40,000.

Estimated cost to install sprinkler and watering system: £25,000.

Estimated annual cost of energy bills: £4,000.

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Flower beds

Wrecked park flower beds

Like many Victorian municipal parks there were extensive formal flower beds. These were changed spring, summer and autumn. But since the 1960s, the workforce has been severely reduced. The park is now planted and managed by contractors, with only two seasonal plantings in just the central areas of the park. These suffer occasionally from malicious damage.

It is hoped to establish a small but permanent team of gardeners, helped by local volunteers, who require a base that includes secure storage building for their equipment.

Estimated cost to reinstate formal beds to their full original Victorian plan: £70,000.

However, other cheaper options can be considered.

Estimated cost of storage building: £45,000.

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Additional features

Other features that students need to consider for the park.

Multi-purpose all-weather court

Estimated cost: £100,000.

Floodlighting: £40,000.

Fencing: £20,000.

Resurfacing paths and repairing steps

Various options have been proposed using different combinations of materials that include - tarmac, paving, gravel or block paving.

Estimates range from £40,000 - £100,000 depending upon how many ramps need to be installed.


Wooden posts with signs: £1,000 each.

Metal posts with signs: £2,000 each.

Information panels

Estimated cost for each information panel: £3,000.

Seating and litter bins

Prices range from £500 for a wooden seat to £2,000 for cast iron seat (includes delivery and fixing).

Litter bins range from £200 to £500.

Security cameras

Installation costs for each mounted camera: £5,000.

Estimated annual running costs are £1,000 for each camera.

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