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CB300: Research co-ordinator at the Association of Gardens Trust

CB300: Research co-ordinator at the Association of Gardens Trust

The Association of Garden Trusts has appointed a new research co-ordinator to work with the hundreds of volunteers.

For over 20 years hundreds of volunteers in county gardens trusts across the country have been researching and recording historic parks and gardens with the AGT. With the Brown Festival on the horizon attention is now focused on landscapes by Brown. Work already done by these volunteers will be shared, especially through the reports available on the Parks and Gardens website ( To complement this, the Association of Gardens Trusts has appointed a research co-ordinator to work with the gardens trusts, NADFAS, English Heritage, and Brown scholars to help researchers disseminate the results of their work.

As key strands develop such as the Improvers who worked with Brown – who were they and where did they work; the approaches to and rides on an estate - can we discover these and an we discern any similarities; walled kitchen gardens – very common in the period but is there anything special about the Brown-designed ones, the AGT hopes that new information gathered will bring a better understanding, not only of the landscapes of Capability Brown but also the context in which they were executed, as well as providing a template for future research on other landscape designers.

For further information contact Kate Harwood, AGT CB300 Research Co-ordinator on