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Call out for memories of Tatton Park

Call out for memories of Tatton Park

Tatton Park is looking for people who have stories and memories of Tatton to assist with a new archival research project called Memorymaker which is supported by the Tatton Park Charitable Trust*. These stories will form the basis of research to be used by Tatton Park to enhance the experience of its visitors through the development of accounts that visitors will be able to relate to.

Tatton Park the property of the Egerton family until it was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1958, holds a multitude of personal stories which are wrapped up in the estate, its history and physical landscape of the property. Key to this project is building a collection of living people’s testimonies from all ages and that’s why Tatton is asking people to step forward and take part. They are interested in hearing personal stories, memories and life experiences about Tatton Park as well as stories and connections relating to Tatton’s painting collection and its history with the Manchester Ship Canal.

There are three distinct research strands within Memorymaker:

1) Paint and Provenance: Investigating the origin behind some of the paintings in Tatton’s extensive collection.
2) Oral History Archive: Discovering new memories, stories & experiences to extend and build upon Tatton Park’s current archives and resources.
3) Manchester Ship Canal: Finding connections between the waterways, post industrialisation and art.

Over the next three months Memorymaker Project Manager Debbie Chan will be working with a dedicated team of research volunteers to investigate the many topics involved. A key role for the Memorymaker team will involve the gathering, collecting and recording of these stories to ensure they are preserved for future generations to enjoy, allowing people to connect to and make more meaning of Tatton Park from the past.

Debbie Chan said, “What one person thinks is a mundane story will be a fascinating story for someone else, so don’t rule out your own story. Just imagine how interesting these stories will be in a hundred or a thousand years time. Memorymaker wants stories from all over Britain so if you have ever worked at Tatton Park or have a friend or relative that once did who would like to share their memories, then please get in touch with us.

We are keen to speak with people who have an ancestor who helped construct or were connected to the Manchester Ship Canal and we want people coming forward if they have a personal connection or story with any of the paintings or artists currently exhibited in Tatton’s Mansion.”

Any one with a story to tell and who wants it to be part of Memorymaker, should email it to Alternatively they can call Tatton Park Reception: 01625 374400.

Tatton’s team of volunteers will then explore, gather and select various stories, and contributors may be invited to Tatton Park to retell their story, which will be recorded and added to Tatton’s oral histories archive. The team are also keen to have photographs to accompany any stories.

For further information about this release contact:
Vicky Wilby, Marketing Department
Tel: 01625 374447 / Email:

Tatton Park is managed and financed by Cheshire East Council on behalf of the National Trust.

This impressive historic estate receives in the region of 800,000 visitors every year all of whom come to enjoy its Georgian mansion, Tudor Old Hall, award- winning gardens and 1930s rare breeds farm. The 1,000-acre deer park is home to red and fallow deer and the estate also boasts speciality shops, adventure playground, restaurant, a new Gardener’s Cottage tea room and a year-round events programme.

*The Tatton Park Charitable Trust raises funds to meet its charitable objectives. The sale in 2006 of the right to use the M1 registration on the highway provided the initial funds for the Trust’s work. The Trust will continue to seek further funds from donations, bequests and fundraising activities. Projects already being funded by the Trust include conservation of rare books and manuscripts, conservation and interpretation of Tatton’s historic vehicles and providing fully accessible play equipment.

You can contact the Tatton Park Charitable Trust through Brendan Flanagan, Tatton Park, Knutsford Cheshire WA16 6QN.Charity Number: 1111357

The Tatton Park Vision

The `Tatton Park Vision’ is the park’s 5 year vision for its visitor activities and aims to substantially develop its visitor experience by increasing the attractions and activities on offer. In delivering the vision the aim is to fully realise Tatton Park’s potential and present the best possible experience for its current and new visitors in order to provide new and sustainable income to help manage and conserve the historic estate into the future. By 2016/17 it is expected that over 1 million visitors a year will enjoy this experience. This will be done through a programme of investment by Cheshire East Council and the attraction of new business. For more information about the vision visit