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Search Help

The Search (found top right, under the banner and menu of every main page of this website) enables you to do a basic search of our database records for 'sites and people' (historic parks, gardens and designed landscape sites and the people associated with them), or search 'other website content' such as articles and educational resources.

To use the Search:

1) Select whether you want to search for 'Sites and people' or for 'Other website content.'

2) Type your search word or phrase into the Search box (which is labelled 'Type search text here').

3) Click on the > button to start the search.

Note: The 'Sites and people' option searches the records on our database which give detailed descriptions of historic parks, gardens and designed landscapes or the people associated with them.

The 'Other website content' searches areas on the website other than the database of records such as news, articles, educational resources and in-depth profiles of contemporary and historical people.

It is possible that a person or site may have an entry in the database ('Sites and people' option) and in 'Other website content' but the Search cannot perform a search of both areas at the same time.

Additional search hints:

  • To search for:
    • an exact term, enclose the words in double quote marks - for example, selecting 'Sites and people' and typing in the term '"knot garden"' returns a list of site records which include knot garden features.
    • two words or more within the text, you can type '+,' or ‘and,' between words - for example, selecting 'Sites and people' and typing in 'maze and pond' brings up sites which only have both a maze and a pond. (Note that the default is 'and' so if you enter 'parks gardens' the search facility treats it as 'parks and gardens'). When using the + sign, to search, make sure there is no space between the words you are searching for. For example, use castle+howard not castle + howard.
    • one word or another, you can use 'or' between the words (or terms) - for example, selecting 'Sites and people' and typing in 'maze or pond' brings up site records for sites that have a maze or a pond.
    • a record or article that contains one word but not another, you can use '-' or 'not' - for example, selecting 'Sites and people,' and typing in 'topiary not yew' will bring up a list of sites that have topiary but not yew trees.
  • You can combine any of the above, for example, selecting 'Sites and people' and typing in "knot garden" and "walled garden" not parterre brings up sites which have a knot garden and a walled garden but do not have a parterre.
  • It does not matter whether you use upper or lower case when entering search terms.

If you wish to perform a more detailed search for database records (including reference and archives records), the Advanced Search (use the link below the Search box) enables you to search using various combinations of terms.