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Sites with Type: Designed urban space

  • England , Bath

    Abbey Green is a grassed oval with a large plane tree in the centre. It is enclosed by listed buildings on three sides.

  • England , Greater London

    Features of Abbey Mills include the listed pumping station and associated buildings, as well as lodges, gates and gate piers. The historic part of the site has opened for London Open House.

  • England , Ampthill

    The public walk starts at the main entrance on Woburn Street and comprises a non-metalled footpath that proceeds gently uphill in a north-east to south-west alignment in a long straight avenue for a distance 0.5km before terminating in a circular area with the First World War memorial at its centre. The walk is flanked on each side by a grassed areas planted with a double avenue of lime trees, probably the original planting scheme, while the circular area is bounded by a line of Scots pine behind which is a line of holly trees.

  • England , Tower Hamlets

    Arnold Circus is a central open space, laid out as formal terraces, which acts as the focus of a late-19th century housing improvement scheme. Throughout the estate are tree-lined streets and open areas between housing blocks, some with landscaping or play facilities.

  • England , Greater London

    The site is now used for rugby, hockey and football in winter, cricket in summer and also hired out for events. Trees of various species were planted around the perimeter of the sports ground in 1996, as part of the Millennium celebrations.

  • England , Preston

    Avenham Walk is an elevated walk with views over the River Ribble, which originated as a promenade during the 17th century. It has been integrated into Avenham Park by means of steps since the mid-19th century.

  • England , Bristol

    A public park on a triangular site in the centre of Avonmouth Village.

    Avonmouth Park, Children's Play Area Avonmouth Park, Children's Play Area

  • England , City of London

    A group of public, communal and domestic gardens, courtyards and squares of 1962-1982 forming an integral part of a housing estate designed by Chamberlain Powell and Bon. The development covers about 15 hectares. The design and structural planting of private gardens, roof gardens, and balconies follow the lines and rhythms of the architecture.

  • England , Greater London

    The character of the area was all but obliterated in the 1970s by the GLC's rebuilding, which destroyed the whole pattern of the historic surroundings. Today the area is a hummocky grass patch bordered on three sides by low rise council blocks of Bartholomew Court and the St Luke's Estate. There are a few trees including horse chestnut and London plane and it is railed to Bartholomew Square.

  • England

    Beaufort Square was a communal garden for a square laid out in 1730, designed by John Strahan. It is now a small rectangular lawn, enclosed with wrought iron railings.

  • England , Bath

    Beckford's Ride is an irregular but continuous area of garden and woodland, acquired and developed from 1822 to 1844 by William Beckford. The land is connected by track or ride from the rear of numbers 19 and 20 Lansdown Crescent, Bath, to Lansdown Tower in the parish of Walcot.

    Part/component of: Beckford's Estate

  • England , Bloomsbury

    This is a late-18th century private square covering about 1 hectare, laid out between 1775-1780, most probably to a design of Thomas Leverson.

    Bedford Square, Bloomsbury 2002 (1) View of path and white house in background. Bedford Square, Bloomsbury 2002 (1) View of path and white house in background.

  • England , Belgravia

    Belgravia Square is an early-19th century private square covering about 2 hectares. The development was begun in 1825 by Thomas Cubitt, with George Basevi as architect, and was completed about 1827. The layout and planting became more ornate during the late-19th century.

    Belgrave Square, London. 2007. Christopher Columbus Statue. Belgrave Square, London. 2007. Christopher Columbus Statue.

  • England , Bristol

    Berkeley Crescent, Bristol is a late 18th century crescent of six houses with a private raised communal garden. It lies between between Berkeley Square and buildings off Queen's Road. Originally, there were pennant stone steps and retaining walls (now partly reconstructed). The site is within the Clifton conservation area, and numbers 1-6 (consecutive) cover the south and east side of the site,

  • England , Clifton

    Berkley Square is a communal garden established in 1787 by Thomas Paty on a sloping site.

  • England , London

    Berkeley Square is a town square of 1 hectare, first laid out in the 1740s. The present design dates from the late 1760s.

  • England , Bethnal Green

    Bethnal Green Gardens are public gardens in three parts occupying a total of 2.63 hectares. The gardens were developed between 1872 and 1895.

  • England , Camden

    This is a public square, originating in the late-17th century, occupying about 1 hectare. The square was redesigned in the early-19th century, and again in the later 20th century. The gardens, which are on level ground, are enclosed by cast-iron railings and are surrounded by the buildings of the Square, which are on a rectangular plan.

  • England , Manchester

    This large public park was taken over by Manchester Corporation in 1894 and laid out in a naturalistic style with broad walks. It is maintained as an open space and is used for public meetings.

  • England , Kensington & Chelsea

    The Boltons is a 19th-century private garden square covering about one hectare. It was laid out in the early-1850s by George Godwin (1815-1888), editor of The Builder. The houses, church and gardens form a unified group.