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Lost Gardens

  • England , Droitwich

    There are references to a 62-acre deer park at Merrington from the 14th century to the 17th century. It appears to have been near Elmley Lovett and Cutnall Green.

  • England , Merrington

    In the 13th century, Robert le Girros granted Haughmond Abbey the whole of his manor of Merrington, including his park. In the 14th century, however, only Merrington Wood is documented, suggesting that disparkment may have followed the change of ownership.

  • England , Minsterley, Shropshire

    Minsterley park is first recorded in 1274, and extended over 300 acres in the year 1300. In the late 14th century it was used as a stud, and there are records of pollarding in the mid-16th century. The boundary of the park is largely preserved by that of Minsterley Park farm.

  • England , Uckfield, East Sussex

    The 1st edition Ordnance Survey map shows a house in Uckfield High Street which had an observatory. In 1919 it was called The Grange, but the observatory had gone. The 1961 Ordnance Survey map shows the garden remaining. The 1996 map shows houses (Hempstead Rise) built across the garden.

  • England , Yardley Gobion

    This is the site of a moated medieval castle and fishponds situated north of Moorend Road. It survives as a wooded island surrounded by ditches and a pond.

  • England , Trafford, Greater Manchester

    Moorfield Gardens was a public pleasure grounds to the rear of Moorfield Cottages. The Sale Hotel was a later addition to the site. The gardens were not popular with the local residents and were closed at the turn of the century after the refusal to renew the liquor licence. The site is now lost, and the area has been built over.

  • England , Shipton, Shropshire

    More Hall probably had formal gardens in the 17th century, as a mount in the garden was mentioned in 1664.

  • England , Manchester

    Moston Bank had a house with grounds to the north of Church Lane (Potters Lane 1895). There were open fields and some suburban development in 1848. The house lay to the southern end of an irregular site next to the lane. There was a stream along the western boundary, with a wooded path system.

  • Isle of Man , Isle of Man

    The house at Mount Murray was improved in 1736. In the mid-19th century the property became an hotel, and the ornamental grounds were expanded to 50 acres. There were walks and a wild garden. A pool and a water garden were formed in late-19th century. The house was demolished and the gardens abandoned in the 20th century. The site is now an hotel, but is not open to the public in the general sense.

  • England , Trafford, Greater Manchester

    Mount Pleasant was a house with grounds to the east of Heys Lane (later Hayes Road). Wash Lane lay to the south and the railway line was just beyond the southern boundary of the site. There were open fields on all other boundaries. There was a small cottage, Olive Cottage, within the site boundary. There may have been an orchard and a large productive garden, which could have had some commercial use. The site is now lost, and the area has been built over.

  • England , Myddle, Shropshire

    There was a park at Myddle in the early 14th century when thieves rustled deer, 24 mares, 16 colts and 80 oxen. The park lay south of the village with Myddle castle on its northern edge, Hollins and Webscott farms adjoining its southern edge, and a lane and the Baschurch parish boundary demarcating it on the west.

  • England , Neen Sollars, Shropshire

    A large block of woodland south-east of the village appears in the 19th century as 'Gaudywood Park,' and a building within as a lodge. No other details of this park are known.

  • England

    Northwick Park was a deerpark surveyed in 1485 but in decline during the 16th century.

  • England , Norton, Shropshire

    A mile west of Norton there is an oval moated site called Oldpark. It presumably indicates the existence of a medieval or post-medieval deer park.

  • England , Trafford, Greater Manchester

    Oakleigh was a house with grounds developed on a roughly rectangular plot to the north of The Avenue. It was a compact site, with the house in a central position. Features included a lawn and a productive garden. This is one of number of similar sites in this area and could illustrate the first phases of development and expansion. The site is now lost. The house may survive but the gardens and grounds have been developed.

  • England , Evesham

    Offenham Grange Park was a mediaeval park in existence by the 15th century and possibly as early as the 12th century.

  • England , Stafford

    Old Hall, Stone is an early-18th-century townhouse, previously with a walled garden and glasshouses, now lost. The wall remains.

  • England , Keyston

    Former features of Old Manor House include a moat, double garden terraces and perhaps a fishpond.

  • Isle of Man , Onchan

    The site of Onchan Nursery no longer exists.

  • England , Onibury, Shropshire

    There was a park of medieval origins at Onibury, which may have survived as late as the 19th century. It is now lost.