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Lost Gardens

  • England , Great Witley, Worcestershire

    Abberley Park was a deer park recorded on documents between the 13th and 18th centuries.

  • England , Abbey Hey

    This park to the south of Higher Openshaw no longer exists.

  • England , Great Malvern, Worcestershire

    Abbey House in Great Malvern was a house rebuilt around 1600 which stood next to the Priory church. In the 17th century the house had a large formal garden. The house and garden were used by visitors to the spa in the early 19th century, when the garden was illustrated in advertisements. It was replaced in 1848 by the Abbey Hotel.

  • England , Alberbury, Shropshire

    In the 16th century, a strip of land on the bank of the Severn near White Abbey was known as Abbey Park. The park has now been lost.

  • England , Salford, Greater Manchester

    Agecroft Hall had a hall and park bounded to the north-east by the Manchester and Bolton Canal with Agecroft Lane to the south. The park is cut through by a railway on the eastern side. There were no distinct features to the park except for one lake of reversed 'L' shape to the south of the hall. The hall was of timber construction. The hall and lands were in the possession of the Langley and then the Dauntsey family until the early-20th-century. The hall was purchased in 1924 by Mr Williams of Windsor, Virginia. It was demolished and re-built in Virginia in 1925.

  • England , Tameside, Greater Manchester

    Alderdale had a house with grounds to the east of Edge Lane, bounded by streams and fields. The house was remodelled and extended during the 19th century. There was a lodge on Edge Lane. The house was surrounded by woods shown as separate large clumps in 1848, which were merged and extended towards the north-west by 1895. There was open parkland sloping down to the west and south. A shelter belt was thickest to the west and north. There was housing development spreading into the surrounding countryside by 1895. The site is now lost. The area is partly built over and partly in use as a playing field.

  • England , Stockport, Greater Manchester

    Arden was a house with grounds to the north of Stockport Road. There were few distinguishing features, including a small pond to the north-west. The area is now built over, and the site is lost.

  • England , Areley Kings, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire

    Areley Court was a house with a small landscape park. The estate was sold in 1923 and has now been developed for housing.

  • England , Trafford, Greater Manchester

    Ashleigh had a house with grounds to the north-east of Broak's Avenue. There were open fields on all other sides. It was a small rectangular plot with the house in a roughly central position. The entrance drive ran through a wooded area, with a probable productive garden to the rear. The house was surrounded by a lawned pleasure ground. The site is now lost, and has been developed for housing.

  • England , Trafford, Greater Manchester

    Ashton Lodge had a house with grounds to the north of Ashton Lane. There was some development to the west, with similar sites to the east and open fields to the north of the site. There was a productive garden to the rear of the site, and a lawned pleasure ground around the house, possibly terraced. The site is now lost. The area has been built over after 1949.

  • England , Tameside, Greater Manchester

    Audenshaw Hall was a hall in grounds to the south of Audenshaw Road. The site backed on to open fields to the south. The Manchester to Sheffield Railway lies further south. There was a small pleasure ground and productive garden. The hall and grounds were modified by 1895, with suburban development in the open fields. The site is now lost. The hall has been demolished, but the area of the site can be recognised in the developed urban area.

  • Scotland , Barr

    A designed landscape of tree-lined parks and planting was laid out at Balcletchie in the second half of the 18th century, but this declined after the mid-19th century. The hills around Balcletchie and the Penwhapple Reservoir are now the site of a wind farm.

  • Isle of Man , Marown

    Ballaquinnea Mooar was a nursery of five acres developed by Thomas Clucas, originally a druggist, from 1815. Documentation from the coroner a few years later gives list of customers and an excellent impression of a nursery at this date. The exact location of the nursery is unknown.

  • Northern Ireland , Portadown

    This was a noted garden site known from an engraving of 1778, now gone. The 1766 house is now surrounded by orchards and paddocks.

  • Scotland , Mauchline

    The 18th- and 19th-century designed landscape associated with Ballochmyle House has been lost to development. There is a golf course on part of the policies and a housing development on the site of the former 20th-century hospital.

  • Northern Ireland , Belfast

    This site had a landscape park recorded in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1837.

  • Scotland , Maybole

    The late 16th-century Baltersan Castle is now a ruined shell with no remaining planting. It is recorded as having gardens, orchards, parkland and woodland in the 17th century but was abandoned by the mid-18th century. The current owner has negotiated a Historic Scotland grant package for the next purchaser to restore the castle and plant new gardens, including an orchard.

  • England , Wigan, Greater Manchester

    Bank House had a house with grounds and a small park to the west of Wigan Lane. There were open fields to the west and a separate dwelling, the Elms, on the south-eastern boundary. The house was close to the road and was shielded from it by a thin band of trees. The park, with pleasure grounds, a small pond and single clump of trees, was to the rear of the house. Bank House, together with the Elms and three large plots of land, all part of the estate of Mr H J Woodcock JP, was purchased by Wigan Corporation in 1923 for £7,750. The site is now lost. One small corner of open ground survives between the Elms and the housing of Milton Grove.

  • England , Bury, Greater Manchester

    Barlows has a house and grounds to the north of Spring Lane. Spring Lane Brewery lies to the south and bleach works to the south-east. There are fields to the west and north. The boundary of site is marked by single trees. There is a simple path system leading to a possible summer house or building to the western boundary of the site. The site was clipped by a railway line on the western boundary and developed by 1895. It is now lost.

  • England , Bury, Greater Manchester

    Barnfield has a house and grounds with a small park set in the junction of Hilton Lane and Bury New Road. There are open fields to the south. By the 1890s, the area to the south had been developed and a number of detached houses set in their own grounds had been built. The house has been demolished but parts of the grounds are absorbed into a small park.